Analytics Outsourcing


Analytics Outsourcing 

Factorbin specializes in predictive analytics and technology frameworks for process automation and decision management. We have business relationships with organizations having world class products and tools as well as audit firms providing advisory to their financial services customers. We provide consulting, tools and services in these specialized domains. We have both offshore and onshore models where our services and resource can directly or indirectly be used by our Partners.

Engagement Model


Model 1:

  • Short term, project based engagement
  • Fixed term, project based cost
  • Small team engaged for delivering for pre-determined deliverables.
  • Typically handled on a per-contract basis


Model 2:

  • Longer term engagement, dedicated Center of Excellence.
  • Long term, resource based costing
  • Dedicated team for the client for supporting all its analytical needs
  • Ownership of team resources resides with the customer


Model 3: 

  • This is a hybrid approach. Start with project based engagement in Phase I (pilot phase) and then move to Center of Excellence in Phase II (steady phase), scale operations in Phase III